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Moreno Valley’s Premier Legal Support

At Fight My Accident, we proudly serve as your dedicated legal partners in Moreno Valley, offering expert assistance across a spectrum of legal domains, including injury claims. We specialize in workers' compensation, personal injury, and employment law, ensuring that our community receives the best legal support.

Our Areas of Practice

Workers' Compensation

Navigating the complexities of workplace disputes and injuries can be challenging. Our seasoned team specializes in workers' compensation cases, ensuring you receive the rightful support and compensation for injuries suffered on the job. We're here to protect your rights and advocate for your well-being.

Employment Law

Workplace challenges demand expert guidance. Our employment law professionals are well-versed in protecting your rights in matters of wrongful termination, wage and hour disputes, and other employment-related issues.

Commercial Truck Accident

We guide Central Chicago residents through the complexities of commercial truck accidents, advocating for their rights and securing rightful compensation.

18-Wheeler Big Rig Accidents

Our specialized representation addresses the unique intricacies of 18-wheeler accidents, ensuring Central Chicago clients receive comprehensive legal support.

Auto Accidents & Auto Collisions

From minor collisions to major accidents, our team diligently supports Central Chicago residents, striving for fair compensation for their injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents &

Bicycle Accidents

Central Chicago motorcyclists and cyclists facing unique challenges on the roads find advocacy and support from our experienced legal team.

Wrongful Death

For families in Central Chicago coping with the tragic loss of a loved one, we provide compassionate support, guiding them through the legal processes.

Pedestrian Accidents

Protecting the rights of pedestrians in Central Chicago, we seek compensation for injuries involving vehicles, ensuring their voices are heard.

Slip & Fall on the Job

Central Chicago workers receive legal assistance in navigating slip and fall incidents in their workplaces, ensuring fair treatment and compensation.

Burn Injuries

Our specialized representation addresses cases involving severe burns, ensuring Central Chicago clients receive just compensation for their physical and emotional toll.

Head Trauma

Advocating for cases involving head trauma, our priority is to secure the necessary support and compensation for Central Chicago residents on their path to recovery.


Holding those responsible for DUI-related accidents accountable, we pursue justice for victims in Central Chicago, ensuring their rights are upheld.

Dog Bites

Central Chicago residents who are victims of dog bites receive legal support from our team, guiding them in pursuing compensation for medical expenses and emotional distress.